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Natural Sunscreen SPF 40 100g

Rubs in Clear
Broad Spectrum
For Children & Adults

Code: 570
Price: $ 19.90

Product Information

MooGoo website lists lots of useful information about their suncreen (too much for label). Aim was to make a natural sunscreen using only Zinc Oxide as the active ingredient, that did not feel greasy, using ingredients that were suitable for children and adults.

Directions: The secret to using Zinc based sunscreen. Dont rush! Like many things in life, a little extra time can result in a lot of benefit. Smear on some Natural Sunscreen, first it will be white. Allow 30 seconds for it to warm to body temperature and then rub it in clear. Avoid contact with eyes, wear cool sunnies instead. Also wear protective clothing and avoid prolonged sun exposure. To keep your skin well fed and watered MooGoo suggests MooGoo MSM Cream after sun exposure. All natural products should be patch tested before use. Store below 30°C.

Active Ingredient: Zinc Oxide 24.96% w/w
For other ingredients please visit MooGoo website.

MooGoo does not test on animals.

Made in Australia